Leicester v Man Utd | Every word from Erik’s press conference

Erik, can you just explain where the situation is with Antony and also what you see in him, having worked with him at Ajax? What do you think will make him a success at Manchester United?

“First we have to sign him. So there’s agreement between the clubs but the paperwork is not done, so I cannot go too deep in that fact.”

OK, but would he hopefully fill the position that you think is important?

“Offence and offensive departments still we need to strengthen that squad, our squad because we have many games to cover. From now on we go in three games a week, every third or fourth day. As you know especially from offensive players they are quicker [to] fatigue because they have to run more, they have high intensity. We expect that from them in our way of play. So we need numbers there but not only numbers. We don’t need only quantity, we need quality.”

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