Interview with boxing promoter and Man Utd fan Dave Coldwell | Inside United


As a boxing trainer, do you see similarities between what it takes to make it in the ring and what it takes to make it on the pitch?

Massively. I actually think there’s a relationship between football and boxing. There’s a similar sort of mentality between both athletes. The same sort of drive, the same sort of passion and desire. Also on the coaching side of things, you can relate to it in both ways, it’s very similar. Both sports seem to gel really well.


Which United player can you imagine would have made decent boxers?

Roy Keane would have been all right! You love someone who’s going to give you 100%, and do everything that he’s taught, and go out there and do it. So I’d have loved to have coached Roy Keane. Someone else I think’s got that same kind of attitude is Scott McTominay. I think he’s somebody that, if you got him in a boxing gym, because he seems to have got that same sort of discipline, he’ll graft, he’ll work his socks off, and he’ll do whatever the coach wants and needs him to do.


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