Interview to mark 70th interview with Man Utd Academy legend Tony Whelan


“He has just scored his 100th goal and, back then, I am not thinking that. I am just trying to help a kid – as part of a team. We are all in it together. I was doing my little bit and in a different way than maybe Paul was doing his bit, Dave was doing the welfare bit, Eamon Mulvey was doing his bit. So we are all doing out little bits as part of a team. So any success that we had, we all share and if people like Marcus can look back and smile, that’s wonderful. 

“Because his journey has not been easy. That is part of his childhood. If he can think back and say, yeah, during that particular period of time when it was hard, trying to get a job in football, going to school in the morning, getting up at silly hours, coaching at night, playing games, if he can smile and think it was good as well, it was enjoyable at the same time, well that’s really heart-warming.”

Happy 70th birthday, Tony, and thank you for your continued commitment to improving young people’s lives.


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