History of Man Utd number seven shirt with Beckham Robson Ronaldo and more


Being from Manchester, Ella Toone knows more than anybody what the feeling of representing Manchester United must be like. The immense pride of knowing that she’s showing up for her city and her club could never be replicated anywhere else, could it? The first number seven in the Manchester United Women’s team, Ella recalled the first time she was given the shirt. 

“Casey Stoney was the manager at the time, and I remember her giving me a shirt on the day. I just thought we were being given shirts, and I said ‘oh my god, am I the number seven? Or is this just a shirt?’ She was like, ‘No, you’re the number seven.’ And I just remember thinking so clearly, ‘Wow, I’m the first Manchester United Women’s number seven, it was a pinch-me moment that I was walking out on the pitch as a Manchester United player, but then another one that I was wearing the number seven on the back of the shirt.” 

To Manchester United, it’s more than just a shirt, it’s history in the making. There have been so many legends that have proudly worn the iconic crest of this club, and there’s plenty more to come. But the number seven has become immortalised thanks to the sheer determination, grit and creativity of those wearing it before, we’re just excited to see who is up next. 

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