Head of Academy Nick Cox retains FA Youth Cup hope


“As it stands, the FA Youth Cup is the one competition that hasn’t been cancelled,“ said Cox, during Thursday’s MUTV Group Chat. ”We’re still not sure what the plans are with that, but we like to think, because it hasn’t been cancelled, that means there is some kind of plan to get it played.

“There are only a couple of games left to go across the whole competition, so, realistically, that could be squeezed into the beginning of a new season. You would have the slight issue of which boys are going to play, is it last year’s group or is it the new age-group for next season? I guess you would have to work that out.

“But it is well within the realms of possibility that that could get played. I think for the stature and a prestigious competition, it would be strange to have a year without a winner, so we’re really keen to get it played.


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