Five Games That Changed Me: Man Utd fan Demetris Nathanael



Premier League | Old Trafford 1999/00 | 1 April 2000


“The season after the Treble, we won the Premier League for the sixth time in eight years. There was a game in April when we played West Ham and it showed our strength at the time. It was a we-could-not-be-beaten sort of team. The game finished 7-1 – Scholes had scored a hat-trick, Andy Cole, Beckham, Solskjaer and Irwin got the others. It was like 11 lions. You couldn’t do anything; you couldn’t stop them scoring.


“It was a season where there were injuries – Wes Brown wasn’t playing many of the games, Sheringham too – but we had all these players that were just magnificent. It was a show of strength. Put any 11 opponents against us, and we’ll just give them a thrashing. This game summed up that feeling. I was personally affected by these games, and those feelings are still there. They are still there when I walk into Old Trafford, ready to watch the team play again.”



The Manchester United Fans’ Forum brings together representatives from all across the United fan base, providing an open forum for both the club and supporters to maintain constructive dialogue.

Demetris is the Official Overseas Supporters’ Club representative, but there are 16 reps in total, at the time of writing, and all fulfil a different remit. One rep sits in on behalf of the Manchester United Disabled Supporters’ Association, for example. Supporters under 21 have their own representative, too. And so on. The forum meets four times a season, and any fan can submit a question for discussion. Chief Executive Officer Richard Arnold typically attends the meetings, so this is a chance for supporters to have their views heard by the most senior figures at Manchester United.

To find out more about the Fans’ Forum – including how you can contact your representatives with any concerns or questions – head to


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