Exclusive Matchday Q and A with Man Utd manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


Speaking personally, when it gets to the FA Cup quarter-finals, semi-finals, I still get little butterflies. Do you think the FA Cup still has that lustre, or is just old people like me that feel like that?!
“I have to say, it always used to be the last game of the season and the spectacle and the climax of the season really, and there’s been so many fantastic FA Cup finals through the years. Obviously this one is going to be a different one, with the lack of supporters in the ground. But, still, we want to be there. So we’ve prepared well for this Norwich game. We played them twice earlier in the season, of course, and we know what we need to do well. We’ve looked at our games and seen what have we done well and what can we improve on.”

As you mention there, Ole, you played them twice and beat them twice very well this season. Does that have relevance for this game, or is it sort of a one-off?
“Every game is a one-off, really, and they can stop thinking about their league position. It’s a chance for them to come to the cup final as well. So for us, we’ve looked at the first two games – of course we have – and seen what we’ve done well. Very much of it is due to the attitude and work-rate and, of course, then one or two will shine through. But the attitude has been spot-on in both of the games against Norwich.”


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