Every word part one Erik ten Hag’s press conference

As some of the injured players are coming back to the squad, you have more options in your squad. In these two games [against Burnley and Crystal Palace] you gave some opportunities to young players like Hannibal, [Facundo] Pellistri and [Daniel] Gore… in the future, with even tighter turnarounds between fixtures, will players have this chance?
“Depends on their performances, on the levels, what they show, if they can contribute to a winning team. And it’s only about that. You play a team, you make a selection, based on the opportunity you win games.”

How different will this game against Crystal Palace be to the one you played in the EFL Cup? Because the playing squads will be different, the starting XIs will be different, what are you expecting from them this Saturday?
“Definitely, I think both sides will be different. We got belief from it [Tuesday’s win], but I know the opponent is looking for revenge, [that is] clear. That will be their fuel.”

And in terms of just going on the young players, you mentioned on Tuesday night that the young players have shown you in training that they deserve to get the shirt, how important is that going to be during this period when you have got a number of injuries?
“You have seen it already, when you have players, when you develop players, you see the progress and that can help you in tough situations. But also, it is good for the club to develop such players, and for the players as well to get into professional football, to get into top professional football. So, it’s great, I like it to develop young players. But as you said, the mentality must be right, you have to deserve the badge and, every time, you have to prove it. On every occasion, so [at] training, but especially in games.”

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