Every word from second part of Erik ten Hag pre match press conference for Forest v Man Utd

Erik, how would you assess Antony’s form recently?
“Dos Santos? I think… every time… he’s not losing games. When he’s playing [full games], the team is winning. That already gives a message of how well he is performing. He can do better, I see space for improvement. For instance, and I think also you know this, we want him to be more direct and be more involved. But as I said, the team is performing better if he is on the pitch. That’s a good thing, that’s a good base to build further. I think he has already made an improvement. In his first three games, he scored three goals. Now he was scoring against Everton, he was scoring against Charlton, so also that fact, he has an impact. But I think with his capabilities, with his talents, he can do even more. But as I said, I think he has [made] a good contribution in the team.”

Is he adapting as quickly as you had hoped? Sometimes it looks as though his team-mates get frustrated with him. He had that exchange with Bruno during the Palace game…
“I think that can happen. They are both players who play with the heart and when they bring that in the game, they are on their best so it’s always a kind of balance. And always between players, sometimes emotions flare up but I think in the second moment they are already good with each other so that is not a problem. I think definitely the players are not frustrated with him.”

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