Every word from part two Erik ten Hag press conference before Man Utd v Leeds


Jadon Sancho has obviously come back in the last couple of matches. How do you think he has adapted to life back here at Carrington?
”He is good. We saw last week that he came in and he did really well. It was also a pity and was one of the consequences of the sending off of Casemiro that I couldn’t bring him in. We have to get the draw and make other subs because I did plan to bring him on. That process was also a setback for us. If you see overall we are very happy with that win against Crystal Palace after the sending off but once again it shows and expresses the good spirit we have in the team. It gives also the team more encouragement and motivation and more confidence. It was bad too in a lot of aspects.”

You spoke before about preferring that clubs have stability with managers. When you look at the rebuild and the role you have to do within it, can you see yourself here for 10-15 years. Do you think that is possible at football clubs these days?
”I don’t think about it. I always think about the long term, in every club where I was, I have been thinking about long-term work to build a culture, to build a way of playing, to develop the players and the team obviously. I think in the long term obviously in contracts and in windows, because I think that is the [right] way. Thinking about the long term and acting in the long way and so I stay also with many clubs a long time compared to nowadays. I am not here for one year, I am longer, I see it is a long-term project. To build here and how long it is you can’t see, I cant tell.”


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