Every word from Erik’s press conference: Part 2


With the contracts expiring, is it quite a positive thing that these players have something to play for, a real incentive, rather than the long-term security of a long contract?
“It’s something from the head, some players get motivated when they play for a contract if you mean that, but it’s not that. Why we handle it like this is we want to restore Man United, we want to develop the squad, develop the team, bring everything to a better level. We work on the way we play, we work on the culture and we need, of course, quality players who are highly motivated. Such players, we are looking for, and luckily, we have them in the squad and I am quite happy with the squad, the way they work, the motivation, they all have [it], and I think the cooperation is quite good.”

Just coming back to Bruno, he’s worn the captain’s armband when Harry [Maguire]’s not played, have you been impressed with how he’s led the team on the pitch?
“That’s also one of the things [he’s impressed me with], I think he’s really an example. The way he transfers the way of play from us, how he motivates around him, how he is the example, so the energy he gives to the team, that’s really good and so I’m happy with his performance. I know it will come, his goals and assists, and it will be even more.”

You’ve said you’re never 100 per cent satisfied, do you see that in Bruno as well, and the way he approaches the game?
“Yes, I see that.”

Same personality?


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