Every word from Erik ten Hag’s press conference after Man Utd’s home defeat to Crystal Palace

Old Trafford used to be a fortress. Are you a soft touch here now as lower teams who you just eluded to that United expected to beat are winning here? And even the bigger teams like Liverpool, City, Arsenal, Tottenham?
”We lost two games in a row in the Premier League now, that is clear, but I wouldn’t set that as a conclusion now. We have to do better, that is definitely the case but we have to show it, even in our body language. Old Trafford needs to be a fortress and [we need to show] that you can’t get anything here. The only way other teams do that is if we lose. We have to do better here.”

You just mentioned body language. I am not necessarily going to suggest that Crystal Palace wanted it more but each and every player for them put in a shift today. Did you feel that you had the same from your team today?
”I can’t blame the players that they didn’t run, I think they gave everything. In the final part, in both boxes, we didn’t do well. We only conceded three chances and the three chances were all from set plays. That tells me we were in control. We were often in the final position in the final part, but as I just explained we didn’t make the right decisions, on and off the ball; that is of course very disappointing. We have to be more clinical and be more determined. So if you asked me that question, we have to be more clinical and determined to score a goal. You have to show more willingness to get more impact if you want to score a goal.”

Since you made some good chances and got the ball into the box, is United’s problem not getting any luck?
”No, it is not a matter of luck, you cannot explain it like this. It’s the form on the day and as a team. We got into the right spot but you have to make the right decisions to create more. But even then, we created many occasions in front of goal and then you have to convert. I think we can only blame ourselves.”

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