Every word from Erik ten Hag’s pre-Everton press conference


How many games might he play? What could he bring?
“Well what he brings – and I’m really happy with David [De Gea], it’s quite clear he is our no.1 and he is performing really good – but something could happen with David as well and you have to prepared for that and not [end up] in such a moment where you only have one experienced goalkeeper, when you are unlucky. Last year, I had a situation with Ajax – we have three goalies injured. And you don’t want to come in a situation where you have have to, at the end of the season, hopefully you play for trophies, put in a young keeper. You can’t expect it from the young goalkeeper but also you kill your season so that’s what you have to be prepared for.”

Can I just ask you about Marcus Rashford… as his manager, where do you see the areas that he can improve, that he can get better, because we know all about his speed and he scores goals. What area is he working on to try and make him and even better player than he is now?
 “First of all, keep the focus. Always, it doesn’t matter if you are in the game or if you are not in the game, keep focusing on scoring a goal. I think a player like Marcus, but also like others in our squad like Anthony Martial is the same, when they stay in the game mentally, focus 100 per cent, concentrated, they have the skills and need only one moment to change the game in a positive way. So if he develops that skill, I think he will score more goals and [have] even more contributions to a successful season.”


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