Every word from Erik ten Hags pre Charlton press conference 7 January 2023


Erik, when Marcus is doing so well – he has got 13 goals now – is there a slight concern that the attack is becoming too reliant on him? Anthony [Martial] is the next top scorer on five goals and he’s been substituted in his last seven games. Do you fear there could be more pressure on Marcus or if he can handle that?
”There is a reason. Because he cannot match in this moment the load of many games. That’s why we are looking for another striker. It is not about if we don’t rely on him, but the physical load is not in this moment so high that he can play every third game of every third day, a game of 90 minutes. So, I have to managed that together with him. So, we are really on the thin line at this moment because his profile. But the quality of Anthony Martial is so important for our match, for our game. He has the right movements, his ball security. So, he brings a lot for the team. Pressing, let’s not forget that. So, we need that profile to be a threat and also Marcus Rashford takes benefit from that. I am not concerned about that only Marcus Rashford has so many goals because I am convinced that other players as Martial play today. Antony Dos Santos can score his own goal. We also know Bruno Fernandes is very capable to score a goal and Christian Eriksen will create and also is capable to score a goal. So, we have more players who can score goals.”


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