Every word from Erik ten Hag press conference before Everton v Man Utd 07 October 2022


Mr Ten Hag, can I ask how you balance that demand for sustainability and consistency, with the need to get results? Say a player has a bad game Thursday, are you then thinking of moving them out and bringing someone else in? Or is it giving them extra time to bring that consistency for Sunday?
“That’s a balance. I will give players trust. I will back them when they are in a worse shape. When they work hard, when they give their best in training sessions, when they take responsibility on the pitch, I will back them but also we are United and our ambitions are really high so you have to deliver. Every player in the squad has to take that responsibility individually and they have to do it in a team culture. That’s the demand from us, from the coaching staff, to the players.”

Is this responsibility linked to your use of the word bravery last Sunday as well? Do you think they’re the same thing?
“Yeah also I expect from my players that they are brave on the pitch, yeah definitely.”

In relation to intensity: as long as it’s legal, could your team be a little bit nastier, do you think? A little bit meaner in the way they play? The English word is nasty…
“Yeah, nasty. I know what it means. I think also in that manner we can progress. Sometimes also play a little bit more smart. We have too much bookings and some in the start I heard yeah in the Premier League they will play tough but I’m really wondering, we collect so many bookings and I don’t understand. The first booking on Sunday, I really don’t understand that. We want to play tough and we want to keep the game going and in the second minute already it’s a booking [Dalot on Grealish]. I think it’s a duel. Clearly it’s a foul, but then you get booked. And also I saw many other bookings I think: ‘Okay, is that necessary?’ But also I take it to the players. I have to keep the mirror [they have to look at themselves], that they have to play smart but they also have to play nasty as well.”


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