Erik ten Hag’s press conference: Part Two | Chelsea v Man Utd


Given the situation with Cristiano and Anthony [Martial]’s fitness as well, is the forward line something you want to improve in January?
“I count on Cristiano, so in this moment it is not an item.”

Do you think he will be here for the rest of the season, or do you want him to be here for the rest of the season?

Erik, what reason did Cristiano give for not coming on?
“The talk [we had], that is between Cristiano and me.”

Goals have been hard to come by for the team. Was it a difficult decision to leave him out, as you haven’t got many options on the bench, or does the principle have to come first for you?
“It’s a difficult decision. It’s clear. But I think there has to be consequences [for] behaviour. When it’s bad behaviour, a second time, then you can’t let it go, because otherwise it’s going to misty, miserable for the future. So then you have to take this measure, which I don’t like, because I prefer the squad with Cristiano on board.”


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