Erik ten Hag matchday Q and A for Man Utd v Newcastle United | 16 October 2022


When you’ve got a side like Newcastle who are in a good run of form, they do have some momentum behind them. They’ve got players that can hurt you. You need to make sure that your side are as good as they have been defensively in the big games this season against Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton at the weekend… 
”That is clear. Not only about the defence, it’s about defending with 11 players and we need the right organisation, we need the intensity, and we need the right mentality to fight for each other and everyone has to take the responsibility to do the positioning well, anticipating well – especially also in battles, you have to go for it, you have to win them.” 

Anthony Martial has been excellent for you: three shots, three goals, two goals a game, a goal every 44 minutes. How hopeful are you that he is going to be available for you at the weekend? 
”I can’t say in this moment. It’s too early to say something about that. We have to wait, we have to see how it progresses in the coming hours. Of course, we hope he will be available but if not, we do it with other players because it’s always about the players who are available and we have a good squad, as you see, and also subs can make a difference. If he is not available, then we have to do it with other players. We will have 20 in the squad and they have to win this game.”


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