Erik ten Hag delighted with United’s stamina



“To play football. A long time in the game, we didn’t. Our passing accuracy was not that good. I think our players have better skills and they make so many passing mistakes and then you don’t get composure in the game. You don’t get calmness in the game. We were too hectic to go too quickly for the goal, or the extra pass is played. The moment we did it, the goal, we straight [away] score. With the spaces, we made a great first goal for 1-0. It was, once again, a team goal and about formation, about possession, about the switch of play. It was a great cross from Luke Shaw and a magnificent finish as well.”


“This team is a fit team and we know that. The game is 90 minutes or, if necessary [in cups] 120 minutes, and our team is that fit that it can do that, and withstand that, it can face that, if necessary. So we have seen today to keep calm. It is about the meaning of the first goal. If Bruno [Fernandes] scores the first goal in the first half, it means the game is going to be more easy. But if you don’t score, then also you can score in the last minutes of the game. I think also on Wednesday, we come back from [2-0] down. Today, we had to be patient and once you get that first goal you can’t make mistakes. On Wednesday, we did, today we didn’t. We took the fight, we took the battle, we won a lot of challenges today. So we have a clean sheet and then we will see our players have skills to score goals.”


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