Ella Toone tells UTD Podcast United Women are making history every single day

Our homegrown hero sat down with co-hosts Helen Evans, Sam Homewood and David May to record what is, predictably, an incredibly entertaining listen. 

While Toone brings the laughs with her infectious personality, her podcast is also a revealing insight into the women’s game and the inspirational journey she has been on since childhood. 

Before United Women was established in 2018, Ella had been playing on a ‘dual contract’ with Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers: meaning she trained with the former and played matches for the latter. When the chance to become a Red was mooted, she jumped at it. 

“Yeah, I think my dad rang me,” recalls Toone. “I don’t know how he saw it or whether my mum saw something on Facebook – mum loves a Facebook scroll! They were like: ‘There’s rumours that there’s going to be a women’s team.’

“I thought: ‘Wow, this could be perfect for me right now in my career, I need to go and play, it’s home and it’s the club that I love and support.’

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