Diogo Dalot proud of the way he fought for his Man Utd career


“I remember I was in a phase of [being] with injuries, with struggling to get minutes and to play and now, looking back to that and seeing the position that I am today, that’s what makes me proud,” Dalot said.

“It’s not the way that I might be playing or what people might say about me, it’s just myself, inside of me. I look back and I see, okay, I didn’t give up. And I remember that I told you that I was going to fight for my position and I was going to fight for that.

“And, sometimes, it’s just the way football is. The easiest way sometimes is to go away to, I don’t like to say give up because football has different paths and different ways. Sometimes, you’re just knocking on a door that’s not going to open. You have to go to another one.


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