Diogo Dalot insists Man Utd win at Burnley has set the standard for rest of the 2023/24 season

While defending and keeping that precious clean sheet was naturally the primary function for Dalot and co, he also enjoyed opportunities to push up the right wing, thanks to his compatriot Bruno Fernandes tucking inside from right midfield.

“I think it’s one of the advantages to play with Bruno on the line. Without the ball he is so, so clever when he has to press, when he has to drop, when he has to help the fullback and when he has to help the midfielders,” praised Diogo.

“With the ball, we bring him inside to build a little square in the middle. This creates a little bit of confusion for the opposition full-back, to know if he’s going to jump or if he stays with me. I think it was a good way of playing and I think it was rewarded with his goal.

“The movement that he did, and the pass from Jonny, I think it was a great goal to see and I’m happy with the performance.”

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