Diogo Dalot hails the squad mentality


“Be a squad as a full, not just 11 or 12, 13 players, be a complete squad and I think everyone feels that they can get a chance if they work hard, if they fight for it.

“I think this competition is healthy for everyone – especially us as players. It always improves us and I think, as a squad, it’s the best that you can have.”

Diogo said there is also evidence of the players developing into how Erik ten Hag wants his side to perform.

“I think we still have a lot of time and space to improve, but the games are coming fast so we have to be prepared each game for different kinds of things that the manager can ask for us.

“But overall, I think we are reacting well to what he has been asking – especially after the pre-season, where we had a lot of information coming to us.”


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