Diogo Dalot excited by Tour 2022

This will be United’s first tour since 2019 as travel has been limited for the past couple of seasons due to Covid restrictions..

The 23-year-old is enthused by the prospect of getting back to travelling to several different countries, and having the opportunity to play in some iconic venues, such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

“It’s always exciting, as soon as we finish our holiday, to start again with this club and see the supporters that we all love from all over the world,” he added.

“We’re [going to] some great countries, with a lot of Man United fans there, so we’re looking forward to seeing them.

“Last time we had a pre-season, we went to Perth, so I’ve been there with the squad. I’ve never been to Melbourne or Bangkok, but they are some great places, so I’m looking forward to playing there.”

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