Bruno Fernandes’ three years at Man Utd: Goals, assists and best moments


You’ve come close previously, getting to the semi-final of the League Cup, getting to the Europa League final. How much do those experiences drive you and really motivate you to want to win this one and get that trophy?

“Obviously, it always motivates you. It puts you down in the moment that you lose but it makes you understand that you are in a good way, in a good moment to go for more. After that final, we didn’t have the chance to go to more, but now we have. We are in a moment where everyone is feeling really good – the atmosphere around the club, between players, club, fans, has been amazing. It’s been something that has been pushing us to be in the position that we are now. I think we all deserve this chance to go to Wembley. Now it’s up to us to do our job and go there and win the final.”

As well as reaching three years, you also recorded your 100th goal involvement recently. Are the numbers something you keep track of as a footballer, your goals and assists?

“For me, you know, football is also about those numbers. I’m not worried about getting these numbers. Obviously, I want to get them, I want to score goals and I want to assist, because my position demands that from me. I think it’s a really good mark for me and obviously I want to go for more. I want to keep doing those numbers, having more and even better numbers, if that’s possible, and to reach the best level of myself and help the team. The main thing for me has always been helping the team in the way the manager wants and the team needs and the way I can help. If it’s with numbers, it’s with numbers, and if it has to be with different things, it will be with different things. The main thing is now we’ve been in a good way, in a good running. The most important for me is keeping that, because it makes you feel better, it makes you have a smile on your face. But I will be lying if I said I didn’t want to score any more goals or assist, because I want to. I know that if I do that in the future, I will help the team.”


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