Bruno Fernandes praises Erik ten Hag standards and the way his disciplined Marcus Rashford at Wolves


“In the first moment for us it was like ‘wow, he’s been our main man, we need him,’ but in the second one I was sitting with David [De Gea] and I said to him ‘this has to be like this.’ Because if not, the younger ones, they will think, ‘if he does nothing to him, the next one he will do nothing to me too.’

“So [Erik] demands there from Rashy that you have to be consistent in everything. Not only in your game, in your goals and your performance, but off the pitch also. Marcus in the beginning he was angry because he wants to play. He didn’t do nothing wrong; he accepted it, he went to the game, scores and wins. That is the end of the story; him and the coach together smiling, laughing.

“It is the way it has to be. I am a parent; you are a father too. Sometimes you have to make some rules that are hard. If not, they will go over you and in a short period of time they will be the owners of the house!”

Watch Rio Ferdinand’s full interview with Bruno Fernandes on the BT Sport YouTube channel. It is also available to view on and in the United App.


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