Bruno Fernandes explains what Manchester United must do after City defeat


“I think it should be that the club doesn’t want to change anything at all because it is a process, as the manager said,” he added. “And, in this kind of process, if you go to the reality we had three months together with the manager. So this will take time. Obviously, [it is] different ideas and I think the team is doing really well.

“We had a bad result against one of the better teams in our league so it’s tough because it is a rival, it’s a derby. The result was [bad] but now it is time to get back and win straight away tomorrow, and, after, get away again [at Everton on Sunday] to win consecutive games.

“Everyone knows what we have to do and it is about, as I said before, getting back to the wins, believe in the process, because, as I said before, it’s a process, we will get time. We have been doing really well in the previous games before City. It is a setback and you have to get up, and as everyone knows, when you start getting a good result, and we will get a good result tomorrow, we will be back and that is the most important thing.”


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