Birthday boy Lisandro Martinez: from bricklayer to ‘Butcher’


“[When I was] about 13, very young, my parents confronted me,” he told Inside United, which is on sale now. “My dad was working as a bricklayer at that time. He said
that if I wasn’t going to play football, I wasn’t going to make
anything of myself, that I should compare football to being a

“So he set that scene and, once my father took me
with him. I remember that I had to be there at seven in the
morning. And I overslept, imagine that!

“I got there for around
10.30am or 11am. When I arrived, my father just looked at me.
I remember it like it was yesterday. He looked at me and said: ‘Do you realise that this isn’t for you? You need to have a
career in football. Football is your thing.’

“And that’s when the
penny dropped for me.”


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