Axel Tuanzebe’s Black History Month interview | Education is so important


We know you embraced education when you came here from DR Congo, is that the important message here? Educating people so everybody gets the lessons that have been learned?

“Most definitely. It starts in schools but it’s very hard to kind of understand your own heritage from school because you’re in a completely different country and because, for most people in that case, Black History Month stands out. It’s for them to, again, understand who they are, where they have come from, what they represent etc, etc. So I think it’s massive and always good when it comes around.”

Was it something you did at school or was it not introduced back then?

“That’s what I kind of wanted to stress on like, in school, it’s not really taught as much, it’s only specific things talked about for Black History Month. I think it’s very important that it’s a wide range of history in general, not only for black people, but for every kind of ethnicity and race. So, as you become older in age, I think it helps prevent racism, or reduce it to an extent, because people are educated on other people’s beliefs and ethnicities and it will always help to respect that.”

Do you think things are changing gradually, even if there is still a lot of work to do, do you feel there is some change?

“Yeah, definitely. As long as there is progression, we are going in the right direction. You know, more can be done but, step by step, it’s coming closer and closer. Us lot, as a team, and as a sport, as long as we keep doing our bit to also enlighten about the issues, it will help leading bodies to make executive decisions.”


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