Aaron Wan Bissaka exclusive blog for Man Utd fans episode three


If you could play alongside one former United legend who would it be? (via @hiyab05994416)
Wow, that’s quite difficult! There have been a lot, but … I’ll say Paul Scholes. I always enjoyed watching him, particularly his technique and his composure on the ball, but his finishing was special. I always used to really like watching him playing for United and he’d be great to play alongside.

Any advice for a young RB on defending? (@Macca_MUFC)
I only became a defender quite late in my own development, and it took a lot of patience. You have to keep working on yourself non-stop, you have to keep testing yourself, even if it doesn’t go right. It took time for me to get success as a defender so, if you stick with it, eventually it will go right. Push yourself, always have faith and believe in yourself.

Who’s faster between Daniel James and Marcus Rashford? (via @KinatsVlogs)
(Laughs) I’d say over short distances it’s Marcus, but over longer distances it’s Daniel. They’re both rapid!

Who’s your toughest opponent in training? (via @thereddevil1012)
I’d say Marcus, yeah. He’s just so unpredictable. When I first joined United and came up against him in training, he was doing things that I just really didn’t expect. I thought he’d go a certain way and he’d go the other way, or I thought he was about to do one thing and he did another, so he’s really tricky to play against. I enjoy that though; it’s been really good for my own development to test myself against him and the other attackers we have at the club.


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