Aaron Wan Bissaka exclusive blog for Man Utd fans during break

Of course, all the lads are staying in touch too. In the group chat everyone is posting what they’re getting up to, so that’s been good to keep up with the latest from everyone. We’re all going through the situation together, even though we’re apart, and we’re learning how to turn the negative situation into a positive. We’re not just staying in and doing nothing at all. 

Some of the lads have been active on social media as a way of passing the time. It’s been good to see them on there. I have to say I enjoyed Jesse’s video where he puts the ball in the bin, that was nice to see. I’ve done one myself, kicking the ball in the car boot on my drive, so I hope you enjoyed that if you saw it on Instagram. I’ve had a fair bit of contact from United fans in my DMs, and I try to reply wherever I can because I appreciate the support and I know it means a lot to get a reply.

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